Gothic in Dutch literature - Agnes Andeweg

Written by Thursday, 15 January 2009 12:27
Six contemporary novels analysed “The gothic novel has played an important role in Anglo-Saxon literature since the Enlightenment, well-known examples being the Dracula and Frankenstein horror novels. Such novels are characterised by mystery, sexual excesses, vampires, ghosts, bloodshed and other spine-chilling and gruesome aspects. I read them as a way…

2018: Holiday Inn Antarctica? - Machiel Lamers

Written by Thursday, 15 January 2009 12:25
The development of tourism in Antarctica “When I tell people I research the development of tourism in Antarctica, they often say: ‘What?! Tourism in Antarctica? That should be prohibited!’ But it has been going on for decades and growing at the speed of lightning. Interest in the polar regions has…

The perfect match - Arnaud Dupuy

Written by Thursday, 15 January 2009 12:18
An economic model to explain wage inequality “I started at Maastricht University as a PhD candidate for ROA research into predicting school-leavers’ future labour market position. Which jobs do people with a certain education end up in? The theoretical model on which the project was implicitly based (the ‘assignment model’)…
Compensation after natural and technological disasters “My research, which I hope to complete next year, looks at how victims of natural and technological disasters can best be compensated. Technological disasters include, for example, the explosion of a fireworks factory or the burning down of a popular bar. Natural disasters might…

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