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Written by Monday, 28 June 2004 00:00
Car maintenance from a distance When you go with a reasonably modern car to a garage for a service, you know that these days they use computers to establish the condition of the vehicle. These cars are equipped with sensors that monitor and file technical information about failures that occurred…
Intelligent opponents make computer games exciting again Once you know how to beat the opponents in a computer game, you can repeat that trick over and over again to win. After all, characters will not suddenly decide to adjust their attack. They are not programmed that way. At some point,…
Software Revolution in the Hospital Manual scheduling in the care sector is no longer necessary. Prof. Dr. Ir. Drs. Vrieze, professor of mathematic operations research and programme director of Mateum BV, and his team developed intelligent planning and scheduling software for the university hospital. The basis of this computer program…

Vitrobot: possible role in biological warfare

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Written by Thursday, 09 October 2003 00:00
Maastricht laboratory robot worldwide success American researchers want to start using the Maastricht Vitrobot for research regarding the fight against viruses that can be used in biological warfare. For that purpose Maastricht Instruments BV, a spin-off of engineering bureau IDEE (Instrument Development Engineering and Evaluation) of Universiteit Maastricht, adapts the…

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