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In today’s welfare state, labour participation is viewed as the ideal tool for gauging a person’s social participation and a way to promote individual and social prosperity. This, however, has proven extremely difficult to implement in practice, particularly for people with disabilities. This dissertation reveals how the specific design of activation in vocational rehabilitation programmes unintentionally achieves opposite results. It also reveals how professionals are hampered in supporting the most vulnerable individuals due to the framework within which they operate. At the same time, this analysis demonstrates how (professional) creativity and more discretionary space can reverse processes of exclusion. These analyses are based on stories about disabilities, vocational rehabilitation and (labour) participation told by clients and professionals.


Lineke van Hal Student video team: Miranda Gubbels and Janka Dekanovska


Lineke van Hal will defend her PhD dissertation Working on activation; analyses of stories about vocational rehabilitation of people with disabilities in the Netherlands on 27 November. Prior to her PhD defence the symposium Ideals and practices of labour market activation in European welfare states will take place in the Karl Dittrichzaal at the Bonnefantenstraat 2 in Maastricht. Look at the UM website for more information.

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