Informal patient payments in Central and Eastern European countries (video)

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Written by  Annelotte Huiskes Wednesday, 25 September 2013 07:30
PhD dissertation Tetiana Stepurko 

Gifts, tips and bribes to health care providers are common in many countries in Central and Eastern Europe. This thesis studies these informal patient payments in Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Ukraine. It appears that “gifts and bribes” continue to exist in these countries despite reforms of the health care sector.  The extent of the payment differs: they are more widespread in Romania and Ukraine than in Bulgaria and Poland.


Tetiana Stepurko Student video team: Janka Dekanovska and Miranda Gubbels
Why do some patients pay informally and others not? Are patient obliged to pay providers? These and others questions are answered in this comparative study. The thesis offers a new look on the prevalence and the causes of informal patient payments and discusses possible measures for the elimination of informal payments.

On Friday 27 September Tetiana Stepurko will defend her PhD thesis ‘Informal patient payments in Central and Eastern European countries'.

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