The labour market is picking up, while the workforce is shrinking due to the ageing population. The resulting staff shortage is a recipe for disaster, as demographers and researchers well know. The crucial question for employers, of course, is: how can I get my staff to stick around? Fred Zijlstra,…
Moskowitz Prize for UM researchers Companies that have a good handle on their environmental management pay millions of euros less when financing themselves with debt than companies with questionable environmental practices. This is the outcome of a study by PhD candidate Daniel Hann and his promoter Professor Dr. Rob Bauer…

When is homecare no longer sufficient?

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Written by Tuesday, 01 February 2011 09:21
European study on improving dementia care What would be the best moment to stop giving elderly people with dementia homecare and give them nursing home care instead? This is a key question that a consortium of European researchers from eight different countries, in a survey coordinated by UM professor Jan…

Separating the apples from the oranges

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Written by Wednesday, 04 August 2010 13:53
Diversity in reimbursement systems The decision whether or not to reimburse a new medication largely depends on its cost effectiveness. Are the extra costs justified; that is, is the medication efficient for the patient population? Naturally, patient populations are composed of many different people, including patients who won’t benefit in…

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