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Private employment plan more successful than public re-entry tracks (video)

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Written by  Annelotte Huiskes Thursday, 10 May 2012 08:17
Video: Ruud Gerards about his dissertation ‘Unemployment and employability: How firms can help’, which he defended on 10 May. 



Produced by Guido Franken from the student video team

Companies can make a measurable and significant contribution to reducing unemployment and promoting the employability of low-educated people. This is one of the conclusions of the dissertation for which Ruud Gerards obtained his PhD yesterday at Maastricht University.

Gerards studied three private Philips initiatives: the Philips Employment Opportunities Plan, Skills Certification and E(mployability)-miles (E-miles). His research shows that participants in the Employment Opportunities Plan have an 18% higher chance of finding a job than a comparable jobseeker who did not participate. This makes the impact of the Employment Opportunities Plan far larger than that of public reintegration projects. Low-educated employees who have completed the Skills Certification programme earn more on average, get more promotions and are fired less often than non-participants. Finally, employees who use E-miles are more aware of the importance of personal development and training.

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