Sleeping danger on the road

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Written by Wednesday, 12 May 2004 00:00
Innovative research into impact of medicinal drugs on driving behaviour Vuurman compared the driving with and without the use of medication. One of the things he wanted to find out was if the risk perception ("Can you see the risk?") and the risk acceptance ("You see the risk, but your…

How reliable is an eyewitness?

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Written by Wednesday, 04 February 2004 00:00
Research into memory errors Imagine: you stop for the traffic lights at a crossing. Right before your eyes a car hits a pedestrian. Directly after the accident you give a testimony as a witness at the scene. You describe the incident with all the details that are still very clear…

European Subsidy for Depression Research

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Written by Tuesday, 06 January 2004 00:00
Each depression its own medication If you throw an ordinary rat into a swimming pool, it will swim to the side. A depressive rat, however, will let its legs hang and commit suicide. Depression causes great suffering and is expected to become one of the major psychiatric diseases of the…

Large study of psychosis

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Written by Tuesday, 16 September 2003 00:00
Life in the country protects Why do people who grow up in the country have a smaller risk to get a psychosis than people, who spend their youth in the city? That is one of the research subjects of Geestkracht (Mind Power), the most extensive research into psychosis (schizophrenia) that…

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