Intellectually disabled, sexually active

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Written by Tuesday, 08 October 2013 10:10
Large prints of 3D drawings of the human body, images of sexual abuse and photos of people masturbating – the sex education materials used for people with intellectual disabilities are neither underpinned by theory nor evaluated in terms of their effectiveness. What’s more, the target group is rarely involved in…

Understanding the human brain

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Written by Wednesday, 12 June 2013 00:00
"Our brain is a universe, and that universe I want to understand", says Rainer Goebel, professor of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Maastricht Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience. Recently, the chances of his dream coming true have significantly increased. The reason? A green light and hence a €500 million grant for…
In his inaugural lecture on 11 April, Philippe Delespaul will call for a more innovative and sustainable system of mental healthcare. With this lecture, entitled ‘Mental healthcare in the Netherlands: Back to square one?’ (Terug naar af met de GGZ?), Delespaul accepts the endowed chair ‘Innovations in Dutch mental healthcare’…

Writing with your brain

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Written by Tuesday, 23 October 2012 14:58
Bettina Sorger developed a method at Maastricht University (UM) that allows people to convert their thoughts, letter by letter, into brain patterns that are measured by an MRI scanner, and then translated by analysis software back into letters. It was a scientific breakthrough – but it took two years to…

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