It was the first time the conference had been held in mainland Europe: in April, Maastricht University hosted the annual conference of the Worldwide Universities Network (WUN). UM president Martin Paul saw it as a prime opportunity to shine the international spotlight on Maastricht. “Now we’re up there alongside Washington,…

Roadblocks to peace

Written by Tuesday, 07 June 2016 13:52
Is peace possible in Israel and Palestine? There is a roadmap to a peaceful solution, the ‘destination’ being two viable states – but negotiations are at a standstill. The ambassadors of the two countries to the Netherlands recently debated the issues in Maastricht. According to Haim Divon, the Israeli ambassador,…

The promise of nanotechnology

Written by Monday, 07 March 2016 08:32
Emerging technologies are often held up as miracle interventions: by bridging the divide between the Global North and South, they could change the world for the better. Yet in the past, nuclear power, biotechnology and ICT all failed to live up to their promise. Could nanotechnology, the next big thing,…

The right to citizenship

Written by Wednesday, 20 January 2016 15:14
External PhD candidate Bronwen Manby, a British lawyer, visiting fellow at the London School of Economics and consultant, is committed to improving the fate of stateless persons on the African continent and ensuring the right to a nationality for all, as promised by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "Without…

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