It is not justified and is even misleading to suggest that repatriation programmes for rejected asylum seekers contribute to development in the country of origin. This is the core of the research that Marieke van Houte did for her thesis, entitled Moving Back or Moving Forward? Return migration after conflict.…
With corruption and bribery running rampant throughout the world, the task of stopping them seems impossible. But what if there was an effective and objective way of measuring corruption and bribery? Would this help us to understand how corruption affects development – and how we can stop it?

He fled the golden cage

Written by Wednesday, 17 September 2014 09:23
Peter van den Bossche speaks thoughtfully, as befits a judge. Certain things he doesn’t say, but instead portrays with his hands. To illustrate the collaboration with his six colleagues in the Appellate Body of the World Trade Organization (WTO), he rubs the knuckles of his fists against each other. With…
Tackling corruption, throwing the spotlight on human rights and introducing the community policing concept in the kampungs, the local communities. These are the challenges of a new project in which experts from the Faculty of Law, coordinated by MUNDO, will oversee the training of Indonesian police officers. Running until February…

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