Scientists play games

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Written by Wednesday, 05 November 2003 00:00
Grant for research into digital games The rise of computer, CD-Rom, Internet and mobile telephones has not left our culture unaffected. According to critics, computer games can, for example, have an enormous impact on the players. By playing games that nowadays are very true to life and violent, the border…

David Byrne more than just a Talking Head

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Written by Friday, 18 July 2003 00:00
A philosophical exploration of the work of a versatile artist On 6 June, Sytze Steenstra received his doctor’s degree for his research into the work of David Byrne. Byrne is particularly known as the singer of The Talking Heads, but he is also a successful artist, filmmaker and photographer. The…

Literature and Charles Darwin

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Written by Wednesday, 21 May 2003 00:00
Poetry as a phase of human evolution When you talk about poetry and literature, you don't immediately think of concepts such as natural and sexual selection, unless these concepts concern the subject of the poem or book itself. In America, however, such a connection has led to a new movement…

Every word on a scale...

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Written by Wednesday, 21 May 2003 00:00
Study of the works of poet and classicist P.C. Boutens (1870-1943) Marco Goud (32) received his doctor's degree on 14 March 2003 for his study of the works of poet and classicist P.C. Boutens (1870-1943). He performed his research as an AIO at the Faculty of Arts and Culture of…

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