European research project recognizes the differences between men and women To most people, the call for ‘more women in science’ means more female scientists. But this is not the only aspect of the issue: the differences between men and women, in both biological (‘sex’) and social-cultural (‘gender’) terms, should be…

The molecule as undercover informer

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Written by Tuesday, 05 September 2006 00:00
Molecular imaging can alert to increased risk of heart attack In Westerners, plaque usually begins to form in the blood vessels (a process known as arteriosclerosis) at around the age of ten. Although some people will never experience problems with this plaque, in others it can become ‘unstable’ and tear,…

Leading the battle against cancer

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Written by Tuesday, 28 March 2006 00:00
Large-scale European research project on carcinogenic substances in children During the last few decades, the number of children in the EU suffering from cancer (mainly leukaemia) has been steadily rising. The number of chronic disorders, in particular of the lung, has also increased. This cannot be explained simply by the…

‘Just a prescription is undertreatment’

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Written by Thursday, 01 December 2005 00:00
COPD research that will change the care practice You ride your bicycle against the wind and you notice that you have less air than six months ago. A bit later you are also out of breath when you simply climb the stairs. When you are younger than 45 and you…

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