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Doctor-student interaction during clerkships (video)

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Written by  Janka Dekanovska Wednesday, 29 January 2014 14:58

PhD dissertation Jonne van der Zwet


Today, medical students spend a substantive amount of their time in clinical learning environments, where they are known as med students, apprentices, interns, or clerks. In such a way, they can develop into doctors of medicine. However,the extent to which these settings  offer them learning experiences varies widely. This PhD dissertation explains by two different clerkships how both the learning process and supervision of students are embedded in social interaction.



Jonne van der Zwet Student video team: Janka Dekanovska and Miranda Gubbels

It points to the fact that the relationship between doctors and students remains very hierarchical which can have negative effects on the students’ opportunities for personal growth. It suggests that the main challenge fot the future will be to provide students with continuous supervision and at the same time to reduce disadvantages of hierarchical structures in clerkships in order to maximize and improve students’ learning experience. Throughout this research project, audio interviews with students who were at the end of their clerkship were conducted and analyzed.

On Thursday 30 January Jonne van der Zwet will defend her PhD thesis “Identity, Interaction, and Power. Understanding the affordances of doctor-student interaction during clerkships”.

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