Side effects of anti-allergy drugs (video)

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Written by  Jip Schreibers Friday, 23 November 2012 08:07
PhD dissertation Silke Conen

Medicines are there to cure people and make life more bearable. However, not all treatments bring only good since many have potent side - effects. Some anti – allergy drugs for example, assumed to reduce an allergy reaction, are able to cause fatigue.


Silke Conen Produced by Jip Schreibers and Janka Dekanovska from the student video team
Although for some anti – allergy drugs such as sleep disorders this effect is desirable, for others this might become even dangerous. This research that existed of four studies showed that also genetic individual differences between people play a role in the degree of fatigue. Individuals’ complex mechanisms in the body thus have an influence on the effects of the treatment. To guarantee safety, these individual differences should be taken into account is argued by the research.

Silke Conen will defend her PhD dissertation Neurobiological factors modulating H1 – antihistamine induced cognitive impairment on 23 November 2012.

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