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Setting fat on fire - Matthijs Hesselink

Written by Sunday, 15 January 2006 00:00
Research into the underlying mechanisms of diabetes Type 2 diabetes is currently the most common type of diabetes. And the number of people that suffer from it is still rising. Matthijs Hesselink, about answers deep within the cell.

When all hell breaks loose - Mieke Olaerts

Written by Sunday, 15 January 2006 00:00
On companies in trouble When things go well in a company, everybody’s happy. Stockholders are satisfied when they watch the stock market quotations and managers cheerfully go to work. But who receives the blows when it goes wrong?
The consequences of the ICT revolution Bas ter Weel studies to which extent the ICT revolution changed the division of labour and the organization of work. About production time and communication.

Crime and lies - Ewout Meijer

Written by Sunday, 15 January 2006 00:00
Lie detector or memory detector? The lie detector: known from American detective series; controversial, and yet used more and more often. Ewout Meijer, about perspiration measurement and brain activity. “The lie detector, or polygraph, is controversial. Still it becomes increasingly popular. In the Belgian police force for example, it is…

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