Young talents

Away with ammonia! - Liliane Mpabanzi

Written by Friday, 15 January 2010 13:31
Researching a new treatment method for liver failure Can you briefly describe your research? “The central question is: How can you stimulate the body to expel more ammonia? Ammonia is released as a toxin when proteins are broken down in the intestines, and the liver removes this ammonia. When the…
Intellectual property protection in European bilateral trade agreements Can you briefly describe your research? “I look at bilateral trade agreements between the EU and certain developing countries. I’m specifically interested in the protection of intellectual property rights in those countries. Intellectual property covers copyright protection but also patents, trademarks and…
In search of the molecular mechanisms behind type 2 diabetes You were also one of the guest speakers in 2005. How has your research developed since then? “The PhD candidates that I was able to appoint with my 2005 Vidi grant are now completing their studies. They’ve made relevant findings…

Unmasking the one-armed bandits - Mario Losen

Written by Friday, 15 January 2010 13:24
The role of antibodies in the emergence and treatment of autoimmune diseases Can you briefly describe your research? “Antibodies have an important function in our bodies in that they eliminate pathogens. To do so, they usually have two arms which they use to bind themselves to these intruders. Sometimes antibodies…
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