The signing of the Maastricht Treaty marked the first step towards the establishment of the European Union (EU) as we know it today. Now, 25 years later, it is time to take stock. Has the EU lived up to expectations? Is it up to the task of addressing the problems of our time – the euro crisis, the refugee crisis, Brexit and rising anti-European populism, with Trump as just the latest variation on this theme? Has the ideal of an integrated Europe become obsolete? We asked a number of Maastricht professors for their views. This time: Mathieu Segers, professor of Contemporary European History and European Integration and dean of University College Maastricht.

Exit Europe?

Tuesday, 27 September 2016 11:27


Brexit is shaking the very foundations of Europe. But it doesn’t have to be disastrous, according to Mathieu Segers, professor of Contemporary European History. It is revealing the fault lines between social classes and between member states, to be sure, but that yields insight. The real crisis concerns the integration ideal. This is crunch time – so how can Europe move past it? “National politicians really have to start engaging with the European project.”

Four foxes on the future of economics education

In Money
Thursday, 15 October 2015 14:41

Economic developments can naturally be viewed from one, mainstream perspective, but that’s not what the more critical student at Maastricht University is looking for. On the back of the international initiative Pluralism in Economics (PINE), PINE UCM was established in October 2014, followed by a group at the School of Business and Economics. Here, three representatives and the acting UCM dean talk about the future of economics education and the difference between foxes and hedgehogs.

Employability is also a matter of attitude

In Society
Wednesday, 16 September 2015 08:30

Employability is an important theme in higher education. Thorough knowledge of your subject is essential, but so too are practical skills, experience and attitude: knowing what you’re talking about, but also being able to anticipate change, take initiative and continue learning. For that you need good self-awareness, which is something you can and should work on even as a student, according to Professor Mariëlle Heijltjes of Maastricht University (UM) and Oscar van den Wijngaard, tutor and coordinator of academic advising at University College Maastricht (UCM).

"Best Eurovision song? That’s a tough one. Eres tu or Loreen's Euphoria?" Eurovision fan Wilfred van Dellen can’t decide; there are just so many great songs to choose from. Back in his student days, he arranged for the spectacle to be shown on a big screen at the COC, the association for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in Limburg where he worked as a volunteer. But ever since he saw the real thing in 2011, the screen just doesn't cut it anymore. Now an educational psychologist and teacher/researcher at UCM, Van Dellen and his partner will head for Vienna in late May to see the 60th song contest. "It’s a sort of bubble – a highly addictive one."

Modern architecture was brought to Africa in the 20th century to ‘civilise’ this ‘underdeveloped’ continent. It was primarily a manifestation of (failed) colonialism. In his PhD dissertation, Maastricht University (UM) researcher Christoph Rausch spotlights the heated debate over modern heritage in Africa. What should be preserved? And would you really want to preserve ‘innovative’ architecture that is now well and truly outdated?

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