“Researchers acknowledge the usefulness of an earlier study through citations. Useful papers are therefore cited more. This is the basis of citation analysis. Accordingly, a university should hire and promote researchers whose work has a large number of citations.

However, citations are often made years after publication, while funding and hiring decisions must be made immediately. In these cases, the quality of the journals and other publication outlets in which the researcher’s work is published can be used.

Maaike Lauwaert played with Lego when she was a child, but children these days spend a lot of their time playing with computers. How does a computer game compare with a doll’s house?

“My research looks at the impact of genetics on issues of solidarity. For years it was taken for granted that an individual’s setbacks were carried financially or otherwise by a large group.

Maud Huynen occupies herself with our health in the future. She works at ICIS, one of the research institutes of Universiteit Maastricht. She finds it a challenging environment, in which she is offered the opportunity to elaborate her own ideas and try new things.

'The woman and the ape'

In Culture
Wednesday, 21 May 2003 00:00

Why women love apes. A love story in culture and science

In the novel 'The woman and the ape' (1996) of the Danish author Peter Høeg, you can read how a woman has sex with an ape. Philosopher and literature scientist dr. Stine Jenssen became intrigued with this unusual scene and started to look for other encounters between women and apes in literature, films and science. There turned out to be countless erotic images of male apes and women in Western culture. In 2002, Jenssen received her doctor's degree for a thesis on this subject at the Faculty of Arts and Culture.

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