A Place Called Home (video)

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Wednesday, 02 April 2014 10:51
PhD dissertation Katja Sillen

This dissertation describes the cognitive process of identification with place brands and its effects on behaviour. More and more places are engaging in branding efforts in order to attract prospectiveresidents but struggle when it comes to the application of product and services marketingtools to the context of place branding and the role of residents in the branding process.

Two economics master’s in 18 months

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 15:27

Maastricht University has been offering a double degree programme since summer 2012. Students with a bachelor’s degree in economics can obtain two master’s degrees within 18 months: one in Maastricht and the other from one of five carefully selected partner universities. Joana Tremoceiro from Portugal and Matthijs Rameckers from the Netherlands were among the first graduates – and they are already nostalgic about the programme.

A job for everyone

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013 09:21
“I’m irritated by colleagues who say things in the media about the current crisis with the greatest authority. It’s precisely a crisis like this that shows economists need to be more modest in their pretentions. We can explain with hindsight exactly what went wrong, but making even rough predictions? No, we need to be much more modest in this.” Joan Muysken, economics professor and co-founder of the economics faculty, will deliver his valedictory lecture at UM on 29 November. He looks back on his career.

That medical treatments work better for some patients than for others is becoming increasingly evident in clinical practice. This ‘patient heterogeneity’, however, is being largely ignored when deciding whether a certain treatment should be reimbursed. The argument: when using economic evaluations to reach a reimbursement decision by the government, the necessary data to consider individual cases is simply lacking. In his dissertation, Bram Ramaekers proves that it is indeed possible to determine the cost-effectiveness of a particular treatment, such as proton therapy for head and neck carcinoma, in specific patient subgroups. “I think this is the way forward.”

In 2007, Professor Joost Pennings and his colleagues Arvid Hoffmann and Nikos Kalogeras launched a special master’s track at the School of Business and Economics in Maastricht: Marketing-Finance. At first sight, these are two vastly different disciplines. But the programme has been a resounding success, not least because of its practical orientation and academic relevance, as reflected in the recently established Marketing-Finance Research Lab.

It’s the quintessential economic nightmare: banks falling like dominoes. This is why, when bankruptcy comes knocking, governments tend to bail out large banks that operate globally and have ties to many other banks. Known as ‘systematically important financial institutions’ (SIFIs) – that is, banks whose failure could trigger a major financial collapse – thus take risks not only in their investments and financial products, but also in their accounting practices.

The ageing consumer (video)

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Thursday, 07 March 2013 08:35
PhD dissertation Jessica Hohenschon

In ageing Western societies older people become increasingly important for companies’ sustained success, because older people form a big and attractive market segment. This PhD research shows that the prevailing stigma of older people being poor, frail and old-fashioned, is often incorrect – many 50plus consumers are healthy, wealthy, active and curious. 

The value of green buildings

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Thursday, 21 February 2013 09:19
In his research, financial economist Nils Kok uncovers the truth behind the market value of sustainable real estate. The real estate sector is responsible for 75% of global energy consumption. A green energy label can therefore increase the sales price of residential and commercial buildings: “Sustainability really pays, and is the best way to climb out of a recession.” 

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