First UM MOOC is a hit

Wednesday, 20 January 2016 14:15

MOOCs are all the rage in education today. Virtually every self-respecting university offers several Massive Open Online Courses, accessible to all and almost always free of charge. Millions of people from all over the globe participate in such courses. Last autumn, Maastricht University (UM) jumped on the bandwagon with its MOOC on Problem-Based Learning (PBL).

Diabetics saved by the cold

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Thursday, 15 October 2015 14:37

Exposure to a chilly environment causes muscles to absorb more glucose from the blood. This surprising discovery by Patrick Schrauwen, professor of diabetes at Maastricht University (UM), inspired a new area of research and promises to improve the lives of people with diabetes. It also earned Schrauwen a publication in the leading journal Nature Medicine.

In 2009 Sulaiman Al Rajhi called in the help of Maastricht University (UM). The billionaire Saudi businessman dreamed of establishing a private university of medicine in his homeland. Now, his dream has become reality: the first doctors will graduate from the Sulaiman Al Rajhi Medical College this spring.

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer have to make some tough decisions. In April, the Maastricht University Medical Centre+ (MUMC+) launched the Breast Cancer Decision Aid for patients with early stage breast cancer. The aim of this digital tool is to help women make an informed choice between breast-conserving therapy and a mastectomy with or without breast reconstruction. “International studies show that patients are less likely to regret their decision and more likely to be satisfied with their treatment when they get the chance to make choices together with the doctor and the treatment team”, says the project leader Trudy van der Weijden. “We’re convinced that using the Breast Cancer Decision Aid improves the dialogue between doctor and patient.”

"Losing is not my thing"

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Wednesday, 10 June 2015 14:09

You could be forgiven for thinking time has no impact on Professor Rob Reneman. In August, when the Amsterdam native turns 80, he’ll probably still be working at Maastricht University three days a week. Founder of the cardiovascular research institute CARIM and former president of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), he is busy working on his final publications. "But I’m going to call it a day once I’m done with these. Time is starting to catch up with me; physically, things are not what they once were. Getting up early is becoming harder and harder, and now that I’m less busy painful memories seem to surface more often. But every day my brain keeps working is a gift."

On 2 April at Maastricht University, Hannah van den Ende will defend her thesis titled ‘Don’t forget that you're a doctor: Jewish doctors in the Netherlands in 1940-1945’. She studied the experiences of 534 Dutch-Jewish doctors who had to work under extreme conditions during WWII, which also caused them to struggle with many ethical dilemmas. “During peacetime, making a healthy person sick was out of the question, but in times of war it seemed absolutely justified.”

UM students head to Japan for double degree

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Thursday, 05 February 2015 12:15

Call it a kind of integration ritual. An extended introduction to Japanese traditions and customs, including soaking up culture in temples and shrines and attending a school festival in a kimono. This awaited the UM students of the European–Japan double master’s degree in Neuroscience (Edu-Neuro EU-JP) on their arrival in Japan.

Working towards more sustainable materials is not about developing materials made from renewable sources. Instead, it’s about lowering the carbon footprint of the materials we use today, without compromising their physical properties and functionality. Professor of Polymer Science Sanjay Rastogi wants to achieve this goal by working with industry to combine molecular insight and product development. He has dedicated his career to seeking new knowledge about polymers – at present from his three different bases, at Loughborough University (UK), Teijin Aramid (Arnhem) and Maastricht University (UM).

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