“Maastricht has great extras”

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Written by Friday, 22 June 2012 12:39
After two bachelor’s degrees and two master’s degrees at Maastricht University (UM), Bert Fastré spent a year working as a student recruitment offi cer for the Maastricht Education and Research Centre (MERC) in Bangalore. This spring he returned to South Limburg in the hopes of launching his career in the…
Louis Delahaije went from being an athlete who did some research to a researcher of athletes. He studied Human Movement Science – a ‘messy’ discipline where he could experiment to his heart’s content – coached the national triathlon team, and is now a trainer-coach for the Rabobank cycling team. “I never thought I’d…

“Deep down I’m a scientist”

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Written by Wednesday, 15 February 2012 09:16
No. There is no river of Smarties flowing through the Nestlé building in Switzerland, as the son of Jeroen Schmitt once thought. But there are plenty of other good reasons why, seven years ago, this alum decided to move his family from Maastricht to work for the huge multinational. “Looking…

'The IMF is Valhalla for policy economists'

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Written by Thursday, 09 February 2012 09:13
Just over two years ago, Ester Barendregt moved to the United States with her husband and two children. Destination: Washington, where she had been seconded by the Dutch Ministry of Finance to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). In these times of financial crisis, it is the place to be for…

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